make do and mend – onion bag “soap on a rope”

Soap on a rope: I always thought the concept sounded weird. Why would I need hanging soap? Then, one day, I discovered the truth: soap on a rope is one of the most functional ideas ever. No longer would prisoners need to be concerned about dropping the soap in the shower (because it’s hanging on the tap), no longer will I struggle to find a spot to put my bar of soap in the laundry, no longer will I try to wash off gardening dirt with water alone BECAUSE:

I have a SOAP ON A ROPE!

Well… almost. I have a soap in an onion bag. It’s actually way better because the soap gets smaller but stays in it’s suspended state. Also you can use the onion bag to scrub off some of the dirt: AMAZING!

soap on a rope

PLUS: onion bags can be pretty nasty things for wildlife living near rubbish dumps/ in waterways to get caught in, so reusing them in this way is not only useful for you, it’s useful for the critters as well. DOUBLE WIN.

These things are so easy to make.

All you need is:

An empty onion bag (with a small hole)

Some soap*

That’s it.

I always try to use a natural soap. Soaps seem to be commonly made with all kinds of things that I’m not particularly interested in getting near my hands. You could of course MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP. If you’re keener and craftier than I.


Make a hole in one end of the bag on both sides of it. Don’t make it too big, but big enough to get over the tap you want to hang it on.


Put your soap (I halved mine because I wanted to make 2) into the bottom part of the bag (the bit where the tap hole isn’t)


Tie the whole bag into a knot that you close just above the soap.


And that’s it! It’s ready to hang out with your taps.


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