Plastic Free July and moving our lives

We’ve moved in… ALMOST. Our new home is nestled amongst native shrubs filled with native birds, over-looking a valley of trees. My wonderful partner and his friends spent Saturday nearly finishing the chicken coop and I’ve nearly planted the orchard. We’re slowly, slowly unpacking all the stuff we own and probably don’t need from boxes.

banksia view across the valley view from my living room

The photos don’t really do it justice but trust me, it’s beautiful. Our fireplaces are being installed this week (fingers crossed) and as you can see in some of the pics, our water tanks have arrived and are ready for installation.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of assistant MCing for the launch of Margaret River’s Plastic Free July, held at Fair Harvest. A solid chunk of people were there to see films, chat about alternatives to plastic and generally enjoy each other’s company.

Plastic free July is happening right now and you can get involved. In fact, scratch that, you SHOULD get involved. There is far too much plastic floating around on our planet already and single-use plastic products are largely to blame for this. I find it incredibly saddening that we use a product like plastic, which lasts for thousands of years to wrap and hold things ONE TIME. For the sake of our convenience we’re creating masses of long term environmental damage. When I thought about it, the amount of plastic that I use once only is shameful. The tops of my daily take-away coffees, the packets that my pasta, rice, dried beans come in, the amount of sticky tape I just used when we moved, the plastic bottles of juice and water that I buy, the milk bottles… And I am only one little dot in a sea of billions of other plastic using dots, throwing away so many single-use plastic items.

While recycling is a step in the right direction, it’s also not necessarily the solution. In Australia we apparently only recycle 41% of our plastic… and it seems to me that we’d be better off curbing our plastic fascination because it’s clearly untenable long term. We really need to be weening ourselves of the plastic teet, not finding things to do with it once we’ve already been there…

The main offenders in Australia are:

-The Plastic Bag

-Plastic take-away coffee lids


-Plastic drink bottles.

So this month we’re going to try not to use any single-use plastic items. I know the coffee lid thing’a going to be tough for me. Today I took in one from last week which I’d washed to reuse it. It made me think… why don’t I do that all the time? It wasn’t that hard really.

If you want to find out more you can visit the Plastic Free July website

Happy July, lovelies. I’m off to do some more unpacking.


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