creating living spaces from salvaged/recycled materials

Upcycle” is a bit of a buzz word these days. I couldn’t be happier, though. As far as I’m concerned the more upcycling becomes trendy, the better. We still have an obsession with consumption, materialism and (consequently) waste in today’s society, though. We like NEW, SHINY things to fill our houses. We search desperately for the right sofa, the perfect TV, the nicest coffee table, as if we’re hoping these THINGS will fill the empty space inside us. That space cannot be filled with things. It can only be filled with OURSELVES. We are not our stuff. We are ourselves.

I have been trying to let go of my attachment to material things. I still have this flicker inside me that wants to have a nice home… but I’ve been working really hard to do that without buying anything new. I’ve been trying to furnish my home with the stuff I already have (because we have a lot of stuff).

We have an activities room in our new house, something we’ve never had before. I actually kind of like it. The lunge room is part of a big open plan space at the front of our house… it’s where we spend most of our time:

vintage style living room

Can you blame us?

Now though, we have a space to keep our board games and… we bought a TV. Oh my GOD. Okay, if you know me, of have read my stuff before you know my attitude towards television in my house. We don’t really watch TV, but every now and then it’s fun to watch a movie… or to play console games… And that’s exactly the kind of thing that a space like an activities room is a good space for. My partner has an Xbox and used to enjoy playing games with his friends every now and then… and why shouldn’t he? Our lives don’t revolve around television, so to avoid this ever happening… we made a rule:

The aerial cord has to be unplugged and rolled up and packed away at the end of TV watching… so before you can watch TV you have to unroll it and plug it in. It makes you think: how much do I really want to watch TV. It kind of stops it being a knee jerk LAZY action and makes it a choice. So far it’s working well… let’s see how we go.

So, I needed something to put the TV on and some furniture for this room we had never had before. I decided: no new furniture. So appearing here over the next few weeks are going to be some of my upcycling projects for the activities room. Before we move on, I want to point out that we really don’t need an activities room. I know this. We didn’t search for a house with one, there just was one… so I thought I might as well make it nice, right?  I wanted it to be bright and vibrant and fun… here are some previews of what’s bee going on in the actrivities room:

upcycled drawers repurposed fire box upcycled drawers upcycled living room upcycled fire box mosaic

Want to find out what I did? I’ll keep you posted… upcycling entries coming soon… to this blog.



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