make your own muesli

Recently I have become addicted to muesli in the mornings. And not just any muesli… Gaby’s Muesli. I love it for so many reasons:

1) It’s delicious

2) It’s made by a Margaret River Company (Margaret River Nuts and Cereals)

3) It’s delicious.

I’ve been thinking though… maybe I should start making my own muesli. My mum made her own muesli throughout my childhood and now I’m thinking…. there must be some recipes out there. So what’s your muesli recipe?

Muesli! Delicious breakfast in my face.



4 thoughts on “make your own muesli

  1. Mmm, btteur. Did we use btteur when we made fried oats in Brookline? I typically make mine in straight veggie oil, and then I take it off the burner once the oats are browned and sprinkle in cinnamon and brown sugar to coat. I’ll have to try it your way- I do love honey. I bet maple syrup would be awesome, too (since my favorite granola recipe uses it, and I think of fried oats as a no-time-to-bake granola substitute ).

  2. Yesss, thankyou for reminding me to get my mum’s granola recipe next time I visit her (I’ll post it up here if I do!)

    For the time being, here is a “no bake” breakfast alternative, better than any watermelon I’ve ever made but requiring a little bit of effort

    1) Cut the top off a delicious young coconut, and hydrate yourself
    2) After the lush juice is in your belly, scrape the flesh with a spoon and add any/all of the following ingredients into your new breakfast bowl
    – Banana, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, goji berries, passion fruit, inca berries…
    – Rolled oats/wheat, almonds, chia, sunflower seeds, pepitas, hemp seeds, buckwheat, activated buckini clusters, cacao nibs, bee pollen….
    and most importantly, chunks of Dark Chocolate!!!

    Mix well. The key is, a little bit of everything, not too much of anything. One spoonful will take your taste-buds on a journey through an organic healthfood store, as you chew and explore the different layers of crunch…. this is great for festivals, when all you need is a mouthful of condensed and revitalising energy

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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