dog bed from a hessian bag? Don’t mind if I do.

So, seeing as my partner works at Gabriel Chocolate, hessian cacao bean bags are in pretty high supply. If you don’t have a partner that works at a chocolate factory, they’re sold by Gabriel’s and often coffee bean roasting places sell coffee bean bags.

These things are endlessly useful. We use them as little rugs, we’re going to use them in our wicking beds… we’re pretty much their biggest fans.

Yesterday our beautiful new baby arrived from Karratha: Topaz.

rescue dog

We bought Topaz through S.A.F.E, which is an amazing organisation that aims to avoid the euthanasia of rehomeable dogs and cats.  Topaz was so totally rehomeable in every way, she is well behaved, loyal and responds incredibly well to training. We adore her.

When we first started talking about getting a dog we were hesitant to get a rescue dog. We were worried that they’d be untrainable and possibly violent. This does not seem to be the rule with S.A.F.E animals. There are heaps of puppies on the website and the volunteers are endlessly helpful. The Karratha volunteers tested Topaz with chickens and cats for us to make sure she’d be okay for our family.

Once we started to looking into S.A.F.E we just couldn’t justify getting a dog from a breeder. We knew where we’d rather our money was going. We also just knew that there were so many dogs without homes out there, that it seemed ridiculous to look for a dog that wasn’t in this dire situation. One of the dogs that pulled at our heart strings the hardest was Flossy from Bunbury S.A.F.E, she’s got a scar from her mouth being wired shut. I just can’t understand why people can be such animals… worse than animals really, because Flossy seems adorable… and she’s an animal.  We just couldn’t get a kelpie cross… we don’t do enough exercise and our block’s not that big either… Do you know anyone who might be right for her?

Topaz flew with Qantas because Qantas Freight sponsors S.A.F.E so it’s not that expensive to fly dogs and cats from other places in WA (eg Karratha). Your pet arrives desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. Considering that the prices are ludicrously inexpensive. We paid $550 for Topaz which included everything.

I made Topaz’s bed out of some old pillows and a hessian bag, I just stitched up the end by hand in front of the Ashes one night. All up the entire thing cost me $5 for the bag. The pillows are now being reused and Topaz loves her bed.

rescue dog

dog bed

What do you think? What else could we use these bags for?


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