this moment is your life

Greetings earthlings. Long time no blog.

I hope this post find you well. In the throes of making a wedding cake for my wonderful friends’ wedding on the morrow I found myself twiddling my thumbs while the cakes baked.

blue cake mix for a rainbow wedding cake

blue cake mix for a rainbow wedding cake

To the blog! I not so literally cried out. I feel it’s time I started talking about how my little watermelon seed is growing and how others can grow their own seeds of self into wonderfully fruitful trees and/or vines etc.

My life is a beautiful mishmash of passions currently. A while ago I gave up on saying yes indiscriminately and gave up saying no indiscriminately. I became more greedy with my time and more generous with it. If this seems paradoxical… it is… and isn’t.

I gave up saying yes to things I didn’t want to do, even things I felt I should do out of duty, I gave up saying no to things I wanted to do and didn’t know I could find the time for. I gave up on being concerned about how people would judge me for doing or not doing something and decided that if they wanted to judge me for doing the things I liked doing then they could… and it would have no impact on my life at all. And it didn’t. Actually, that’s a lie, it did have an effect: my life became better, happier, more filled with what I loved and who I loved and less filled with other crap that I wasn’t really interested in.

be happy for this moment

This epiphany had been a long time coming, but I feel it was cemented by this documentary about Tommy Franklin (aka salty rain), it was made before his stellar moments of joyful dancing on Australia’s Got Talent. I can’t live my life for anyone else. It’s my life. I get to live it, it’s my adventure. I don’t want to get to its end and wish I’d done the things I loved rather than the things I thought I was supposed to.

Happiness is a choice. There’s a ground breaker for you. I know what  some might argue… how can you say that? What about those is bad situations? Those who struggle? Those who suffer? Situations do not dictate how you respond to them. Some situations do, undeniably suck; however, how I respond to that situation is MY CHOICE. Do I choose to gain something positive from it? Strength? Knowledge? Understanding? Perspective? Or do I choose to feel unhappy about the situation, ensuring that I am not reflecting on it, gaining from it or moving on from it? Happiness can be chosen. This is hard for me to say, I am often overly emotional. I get angry really easily. I cry a lot about stuff that seems stupid later. I have come to understand that this response is my choice. And I have decided to try very hard to view situations positively, to try to choose happiness over hate and understanding over judgement every time.

It’s not easy, but it’s the beginning, it’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to be a process of shedding old ways of thinking for news ways of embracing ideas and feelings. It’s a process of seeing the light and choosing the path that leads to it. I guess that’s what enlightenment might be. I guess that’s the most extreme destinations of the path of happiness… I hope that I reach it one day.

And so, I have started yoga again. And I have dragged some of the high school students along for the ride (willingly). I also have been raising some ducklings over the past few weeks. Ducks will be a gorgeous, personality rich addition to our permaculture garden. The backyard is now fully fenced and ready when they are (when they’ve grown their feathers.) I’ll post some pictures of the ducklets soon.

locked duck run

I guess it would be easy to become completely selfish with an ideology like be happy now, but I’ve discovered quite the opposite has happened for me. I am more interested in sustainable living, more interested in helping others, because I’d like all my future moments to be as happy as possible too…  and the only way I can see to do that is to happily invest in the future: future food, future environment, future friends, future adults…

And with that said, here are some pictures from our garden of food growing.
fresh lettuce

lettuce in the garden

growing broad beans

ripening strawberry

On another, yet happiness related note: my effervescent friend Hania has started a blog about her path towards happiness and lightness. I encourage those of you who look to find joy and inspiration to take a look. I find it an honest depiction of a woman’s journey towards loving herself in a world so full of ideas about how no-one can ever be good enough.

Until next time,

be, love.

Heather Sharpe


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