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What is this blog about?

This is a blog about life, attempts to become more sustainable and to be part of the solution to world wide suffering, judgement, unecologically based lifestyles and humankind’s feeling of inadequacy and disempowerment. My aim is to be part of the  creation of a world that we consider to be more positive, beautiful and sustainable.

A lot of people tell me that they can’t have a vegetable garden or compost stuff or keep chickens because they don’t have time/space or aren’t good at that kind of thing. I used to make similar excuses too, once. The reality is: we all have the time, we just choose to spend that time doing other things like doing jobs we hate or watching other people live their lives on the television. I used to spend it watching TV, going on facebook and going out a lot. In regards to the space, a little ingenuity can go a long way, window sills, patios and spaces under washing-lines are all under-utilised spaces for herb and vegie growing. Not everyone has 1/2 an acre of backyard, but everyone has a sunny position somewhere in their house/backyard that could be better utilised… why not grow something? In addition to this, people might be missing something that’s right in front of them, elderly relatives, friends and neighbours often don’t have the strength or ability to maintain their gardens, yet many of them still have gardens. Why aren’t we asking if we can grow vegies and herbs on their under-utilised green-spaces? It doesn’t even have to be older people, have your friends/parents/in-laws/neighbours got a spot in their garden that they’re not using? Could you turn it into a garden and share the produce with them?

This blog is an open invitation to everyone everywhere to wake up to their potential to “be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi). “If is it to be its up to me” (Johnsen).  No more pointing fingers, no more saying why do I have to give something up when that person doesn’t. Sacrifice is a state of mind. This blog is about my attempts to think more positively about my world and about my attempts to take more positive actions. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me.

I want to hear from you, whoever you are. I want to hear about your journeys towards self-love and the love and acceptance of others. I want to hear about your journeys towards the kind of worlds that you want. I you to journey with me together towards lives that we feel most represent a respect for each other and our planet.

I haven’t yet really fully embraced the sustainable life-style. I’ve been contemplating how to be more sustainable and how to encourage others to take the steps to get to this lifestyle too… if they want to of course! I’m also going to be investing time into trying to use less and reuse more. I think that war-time catch-cry of “make do and mend” is actually a really good way to think today, in a world where everything is disposable, but very rarely decomposable.

Finally, I’m really interesting in turning around our culture of self-loathing. As a woman I am most concerned about its effect on feminine confidence, but recognise it as a common phenomena for both sexes. I intend to blog about my journey towards happiness and embracing myself, celebrating my personhood.

I’ve started to realise that sometimes we miss the obvious answers on how to make our lives more meaningful, enjoyable and sustainable (and I mean sustainable in multiple ways). Perhaps we miss these answers because we’re used to thinking about ownership in a particular way. Perhaps that was what was making me feel empty. I want to help people see that becoming more sustainable doesn’t have to involve wearing hemp and getting dreadlocks… though it can if you want it to. I think that every step I can take towards more self-sustainability is one less problem for the world to deal with. Are you with me?

Why is this website called the watermelon seed?

Recently I went to a music event with some friends. My friend Seb is one of those people who it’s impossible to dislike. He’s positive, bubbly and intelligent. At some point during the event Seb appeared on the dance floor with a massive watermelon, cut off at the top with straws and a big spoon sticking out of it. “Go on,” Seb encouraged us, “have a sip.” The watermelon had been filled with ice and a number of cocktail spirits. It was ridiculously delicious and refreshing. “Where did this COME from?” I asked. Seb explained, he just takes a watermelon to parties and events. Then he goes around the dance-floor and encourages people to pour anything that’s cocktail-esque into it in exchange for a bit of the watermelon brew. He gets ice donations from people’s eskies and he told us that the watermelon has NEVER run out of cocktail. It goes on for as long as he can keep holding it. It made so much sense. If everyone put something in and gets something out… everyone gets enough and everyone feels like they’ve benefited. It got me thinking, what am I putting into my community, what am I doing to make the world better? Where’s my watermelon?

I have a plan. This is my watermelon seed. This blog is the beginning. I’m hoping that it will be the start of my positive contributions to the world. I want to hear from you. I want hear about what you’re doing to make your world better, more positive, more sustainable.

And I have an idea of how this seed might grow for me. I want to open a set menu restaurant, which trades in produce instead of money. It would operate through social media platforms, people could book tables and if they didn’t have any produce of their own, could ask what you needed. Each night the set menu would be made out of the food gifts from the diners the night before. I know that it’s not quite logistically possible just yet. I need to work out how to ensure that I meet health and safety regulations and how I’d pay rent, or not pay rent. However, it feels like a really true idea. It feels like something I’m supposed to do. I like it because it means I could still teach as well, which I love doing. I’m not afraid of telling the internet because if someone else “steals” the idea and develops a restaurant like this, I think that would be a great thing. I think that the more restaurants like this that there are, the more likely we are to be growing our own food, supporting each other and our communities and developing a greater love for food and its production. I welcome your ideas and feedback on this idea… constructive criticism is welcome.

What’s your seed going to be? What will you grow?


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